Latest New Movies on DVD for 2013

Latest New Movies on DVD for 2013Movie-going this year is bound to be exciting, and full of surprises, just like in 2012, judging by the latest DVD releases up to present, and the up-coming, new movies on DVD.
Remakes, sequels, reboots, and prequels are about to lift the spirits of movie fans once again.

One of the most anticipated new movies on DVD in May is that of Ironman 3 since the world is anxious to see the latest adventures of Tony Stark, the famous billionaire with all those super technologically advanced gadgets that build a next generation hi-tech super hero.

This summer will end with the 12th feature-length movie that has entertained many generations, and of course all the talk is done for the new Star Trek movie.

Other hot and fiery new movies on DVD are Fast and Furious with a 6th installment, the third adventure of the Hangover boys and the remake of the Great Gatsby. On the other hand, June is waiting to welcome Monster University, the Monsters Inc’s 2001 prequel and the reunion of Mary Gibbs’, Billy Crystal’s, and John Goodman’s characteristic voices.
If you want the hottest box office hits for this year then the Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful, the 2nd installment of Thor, and the Hunger Games with their 2nd installment are strong candidates for a blast.

As for the latest DVD releases, January is full of suspense and is more than willing to give out tons of chills with the Texas Chainsaw 3D movie where Leatherface’s horror icon comes back to haunt the nights of all horror movie lovers with lots of mayhem, and murder.
Furthermore, the Dark Truth is an action-thriller movie that promises to captivate movie enthusiasts with Andy Garcia’s performance.

Photo ©  Salvatore Vuono

Latest New Movies on DVD for 2013
January 14, 2013